Our Philosophy

LIPOWHITE promises to break the barriers towards uplifting inclusivity in the health and beauty industry by providing genderless products made for all cultures. Our role is to transform people’s lives by placing solutions to multiple problems being faced by concerned consumers.

About Us

LIPOWHITE is health and beauty supplement brand that aims to spread #NotVanityButSelfCare nationwide. We believe prioritizing self care is never an expense, but more of a self investment.


To create exceptional, effective, and fully organic health and beauty supplements that empower overall wellness, transformation, and confidence for our users.

To encourage people to buy more organic products as they promote ethical sourcing, cruelty-free to animals, and reduce carbon footprint.


We aim to be transparent about the products with the support of scientific research analysis.

We want to give importance to the environment as we advocate for our customer’s health and well-being.

We dedicate and innovate ourselves to always find ways to improve our formulations and products.

We are inclusive of all genders and cultural backgrounds.

We are genuine in our transactions and communication to build a community around like-minded people who care about their health and wellness.


Our vision is to be the best choice for organic beauty supplements and products that deliver promising results.

It is our aim to be a beauty wellness brand that is accessible to all without the restriction of cultural or gender barriers.



The Innocent
(Core Archetype)

WE ARE… Optimistic, Honest, Humble, Simple, and Expresses Happiness. We display wholesome virtues and foster a feel-good spirit. We see the beauty in everyone and have a knack to see the inner beauty that others don’t. We want you to be at your happiest and feel confident through the benefits of our products.

We are a brand that radiates optimism and we want to be transparent with the ingredients we use to establish trust with our audience. Since LIPOWHITE is a health and beauty brand, we want to show how our products are safe to use and to emotionally connect with people.

The Magician
(Influencer Archetype)

WE ARE… Mystical, Informed, Reassuring, Discovery, and Striving for Transformation. We develop a vision and live by it. We find new knowledge. We strive to be innovative and to transform people as they use our products.

Not Vanity, but Self-Care.

One of our values is to continuously learn to develop parts of ourselves as well as other people who also have the same desire. Our goal is to make dreams come true and to create something special, just as LIPOWHITE wants to empower confidence in others by making self-care accessible to all genders and cultures.

Brand Personality

LIPOWHITE is described as an expressive, elegant, and poised individual who is confident and enthusiastic. It brightens up someone’s day by helping others in any way they can. This brand is genuine, trustworthy, and someone with whom others can feel comfortable. “Not Vanity, but Self-Care,” as LIPOWHITE emphasizes its focus on the health and wellness of its customers.

The brand aligns its values with customers, aiming to alleviate the mental and emotional burdens faced by individuals who are self-conscious and critical of their appearance. LIPOWHITE provides essential and healthy methods for individuals to achieve their desired goals as part of their self-care routine, prioritizing their mental and emotional well-being.