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The LIPOWHITE Club Policy 

Updated: April 24, 2024

These are the company policies, rules, and guidelines of Nebulabs Corporation and the LIPOWHITE Club that will control all business operations and transactions concerning the company’s products, as well as any interactions between members, distributors, clients, and other relevant parties.

This Policy, Rules, and Regulations form an integral part of the contract of each member with the club. As such, each member is expected to have read and understood the contents of this Policy. Further, each member is required to familiarize themselves with the Policy as part of their obligations as the distributor of the products.

Members of the LIPOWHITE Club must strictly adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in this policy. Any violation of these guidelines will result in the corresponding consequences, including automatic cancellation/termination/deactivation of accounts and/or membership depending on the gravity of the violation committed. 



Social Selling Platform: A digital platform provided by LIPOWHITE that enables Brand Partners to engage in social selling activities. This platform typically includes tools and resources for Brand Partners to showcase products, connect with potential customers, process orders, and track their sales performance. It serves as a virtual marketplace where Brand Partners can conduct business and build their entrepreneurial ventures.

The Club: Refers to the exclusive social selling platform offered by LIPOWHITE, where Brand Partners can access various benefits, including the Extensive Rewards Plan and Wholesale Discounts. It serves as the central hub for Brand Partners to engage in social selling activities, connect with customers, and grow their businesses.

Brand Partners: Individuals who join LIPOWHITE’s social selling platform to represent and promote the brand’s products. These individuals act as independent entrepreneurs, leveraging their networks and sales skills to sell LIPOWHITE products and earn income through commissions, incentives, and other rewards.

Enroll: The action taken by individuals to become members of the club and officially join LIPOWHITE’s social selling platform. This typically involves completing an application process, agreeing to terms and conditions, and purchasing a business kit.

Compensation Plan: A structured system established by LIPOWHITE to outline how Brand Partners are rewarded for their sales efforts and achievements within the social selling platform. This plan details the various ways in which Brand Partners can earn commissions, bonuses, and incentives based on their sales volume, team performance, and rank advancements.

Portal: An online platform or website provided by LIPOWHITE exclusively for registered Brand Partners. This portal serves as a centralized hub where Brand Partners can access essential resources, including onboarding materials, marketing tools, training modules, and support resources to assist them in their social selling endeavors.

Business Kit: A package of discounted products that individuals need to purchase in order to become a member of the club and join LIPOWHITE’s social selling platform. These kits typically contain a selection of LIPOWHITE products and exclusive access to business guides, promotional materials, and samples to help Brand Partners get started in their entrepreneurial journey.

Sponsor: Refers to the individual who directly recruits and enrolls a new Brand Partner into LIPOWHITE’s social selling platform. The sponsor serves as a mentor and guide to the new Brand Partner, providing support, training, and assistance as they navigate their journey within the club.

Partner: A term used to describe individuals who have been recruited and enrolled into LIPOWHITE’s social selling platform by a sponsor. Partners are members of the sponsor’s team or downline and work collaboratively with their sponsor to achieve their sales goals and build their businesses.

Commissions: Monetary rewards earned by Brand Partners for their sales efforts and performance within LIPOWHITE’s social selling platform. Commissions are typically calculated based on a percentage of the sales volume generated by the Brand Partner and their team, as outlined in the compensation plan.

Discounts: Special price reductions or savings offered to Brand Partners on LIPOWHITE products. These discounts may be exclusive to members of the club and are designed to incentivize Brand Partners to purchase products for resale or personal use at a reduced cost.

Points: Units of measurement assigned to personal and partner purchases made by Brand Partners within LIPOWHITE’s social selling platform. These points are used to track sales volume, determine eligibility for bonuses and incentives, and calculate rank advancements within the compensation plan.

Voucher: A type of product coupon or reward issued to Brand Partners by LIPOWHITE based on their performance and achievements within the social selling platform. Vouchers may be redeemed for free or discounted products, services, or promotional items offered by LIPOWHITE.

Rank: A level or status achieved by Brand Partners within LIPOWHITE’s social selling platform based on their sales performance, team growth, and overall achievements. Ranks are typically associated with specific requirements, benefits, and earnings opportunities outlined in the compensation plan.

Maintenance Requirements: The ongoing obligations and criteria that Brand Partners must meet to maintain their rank status and active membership within LIPOWHITE’s social selling platform. These requirements may include meeting minimum sales quotas, maintaining a certain level of team volume, or fulfilling other performance benchmarks outlined by LIPOWHITE.


2.1 WHO MAY ENROLL. Any person at least eighteen (18) years of age who has not been convicted of any crime involving unethical behavior may become a member. Any corporation, partnership, or association, duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or its equivalent and legally authorized to do business in the Philippines may become a member. In all instances, the applicant must have the capacity to enter into a contract in the Philippines and must comply with all the legal requirements under Philippine laws.

2.2 ENROLLMENT PROCESS. To become a member, the applicant must follow the following procedure:

2.2.1 Register to The Club at, fill out the application, and agree to the Terms, Conditions, and Policies of The Club.

2.2.2 Choose your business kit and proceed with payment.

2.2.3 Send the screenshot of the payment to [email protected] and wait for your kits to be delivered. 



The delivery period is 5-7 working days from the date of order on the website. Please be informed that the delivery process is only available during weekdays. Delivery methods may vary depending on the delivery address, time of purchase, and availability of goods.

Metro Manila and Rizal – Free Shipping 

Rest of the Philippines – Total purchase + 4%

When making a purchase, we will inform you at the specified email address about the available delivery methods, cost, and delivery date of your order.


All payments must be accompanied with an online account registration and order of a business kit. Payments can be made instantly, at any time of day or night. Please note that the website does not receive or store your financial details. Also, please be aware that there may be a bank fee of 0.5% to 1%, depending on the kind of transaction. Orders are not final until payment has been confirmed.


4.1 Sponsors shall be responsible for their direct downlines. They shall ensure that their downlines are properly trained and familiar with the company and its products, the terms and conditions of this Policy, the Company’s Compensation Plan, and his/her obligations, duties, and responsibilities as a member, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Ensuring that the downline attends the required trainings and seminars;
  2. Entertaining product inquiries and clarifications from the downline;
  3. Advising and guiding the downline with respect to marketing and sales strategy;
  4. Updating and informing their downlines of new company issuances and policies.

4.2 The Sponsor may extend his/her sponsoring activities to any territories where the company has a presence subject to the approval of the Company. 


5.1 CHANGE OF SPONSOR. Any distributor is not allowed to change Sponsor under any circumstances. In such instances, the company has no obligation to honor subsequent registrations and will consider only the first registration as a valid registration.

5.2 INVITATION TO TRANSFER. It is strictly prohibited to engage in any activity that entails contacting, inviting, or in any other way influencing current members to switch from one sales group to another in exchange for any kind of incentive, including but not limited to free slots, financial support, marketing assistance, or other benefits.

5.3 CROSS-LINING. It is the act of a club member conducting business with sponsors or uplines outside of his/her initial team; for example, opening an account under a different upline or business category. If a member violates this rule, they must close any further accounts they may have under other business accounts. He/she won’t be allowed to keep any incentives or privileges from the account that is going to be closed.

5.4 BONUS BUYING. Bonus buying is strictly prohibited. 

The following acts constitute bonus buying:

  1. Registration of certain individuals without his/her/ knowledge and/or accomplishment of Enrollment Form without his/her consent.
  2. Fraudulent registration of any individual as a member without purchasing any package and without the knowledge and consent of such individual.
  3. Registration or attempted registration of fictitious or non-existing individual/s as members for purposes of qualifying for bonuses, commissions or to avail of any privileges or promotions.
  4. Any additional methods or manipulations used to enhance commissions or incentives when a member does not have a legitimate reason for purchasing the items.


6.1 The members acknowledge that all of the company’s intellectual property that is contained in the products is owned exclusively by the company. Members agree not to contest the Company’s ownership of such intellectual property and to refrain from taking any actions that would endanger the Company’s intellectual property.

6.2 The members agree to utilize only such confidential information and to refrain from using or disclosing it to any other people or organizations.

6.3 The member’s confidentiality commitment under this section will continue and be fully effective for the duration of the member’s account with the company.


7.1 The member’s authorization to distribute the company’s products and packages is granted perpetually unless terminated voluntarily or involuntarily.

7.2 The member may voluntarily terminate the distributorship upon his submission of a written request withdrawing or pulling out his account from the company. Termination under this clause is effective upon receipt of the written request or on the date stated in such written request.

7.3 The Company shall have the right to terminate the member’s account with the company on the grounds of violation of any provisions in this Policy, the terms and conditions embodied in the Enrollment Form, and the Company’s Compensation Plan. Termination under this clause is effective upon actual receipt by the member of the written notice of termination from the Company and goes back to the day of the commission of the offense.


Section 1. A Member/Distributor shall protect the company, its products, and goodwill. 

It shall be the duty of the member to protect the company, its products, and its Goodwill. As such, the member shall not make any written statement or oral remarks that may discredit or disrepute the company, its officers, directors, and employees as well as its products. In addition to the remedies provided by law, the company shall have the right to automatically deactivate, cancel, or terminate the account/s or membership of any member who violates this provision without need of notice.

Section 2. A Member/Distributor shall be honest in all his/her dealings

A Member/Distributor shall, at all times, observe decency and uphold high moral standards in its business dealings within the company premises and in all its dealings relative to the products. Members/Distributors are expected to conduct their business dealings with utmost professionalism. They shall not make any false statements, misrepresentation, exaggeration, disinformation, unrealistic and vain promises, or introduce products or services that are not among the products of the company. 

Section 3. A distributor who is a member must treat other distributors with fairness, respect, honesty, and sincerity.

The members/distributors shall, at all times, treat their fellow distributors with respect. The following acts, which are not mutually exclusive, shall always be observed with great integrity and are considered disrespectful acts that are strictly prohibited:

3.1 Forging the signature of another member or making it appear that another distributor has signed or drawn any document;

3.2 Claiming, reporting, or representing that his fellow distributor has participated or committed an act when he/she knew that the same is not true;

3.3 Attributing acts to his/her fellow distributor when he/she knows the same to be untrue.

3.4 Making false statements in any written documents such as affidavits, contracts, letters, advertisement materials, etc.

3.5 Altering, modifying, changing, or revising any document relative to the product or the company without the written consent of the author thereof.

3.6 Issuing any certification or document that contains false or inaccurate information.

3.7 Commission of any dishonest act in its dealings concerning the Product or the Company.

3.8 No usage of emotional sales tactics to convince you to join

3.9 Avoidance of very little focus on the actual product or service

3.10 There will be a contract signing between the company and brand partners.

Section 4. No Fraudulent Activities

The Company strictly prohibits any commission of fraudulent acts or pretenses towards the Company itself, its products, fellow distributors, and the public in general. 

4.1 Using a fictitious name or dummy, or employing other means for purposes of advancing personal gains or benefit;

The fraudulent registration of accounts through the use of dummies is condemned to the highest extent possible and the company greatly abhors resort to such, thus in order to prevent members/distributors from committing the same the following penalties shall be meted out to erring distributors:

  1. Payment of damages in the standard amount of Five thousand Pesos (Php 5,000.00)
  2. All accounts that were registered under the sponsorship of the negligent distributor in violation of this ban will be returned to the original line where they were supposed to be registered.

Notwithstanding the previously stated penalties, the management shall have the entire and exclusive authority to impose sanctions and any additional penalties it may see fit, taking into account the particulars of each instance.

4.2 Incurring obligations, monetary or otherwise, and refusing to honor the same;

4.3 Failure to perform any of his obligations as a distributor to the prejudice of another person, the company, or his/her fellow distributor;

4.4 Soliciting funds from persons who purport to be investors;

4.5 Failure to remit any legitimate sales to the Company;

4.6 Failure to deliver any Product to any person;

4.7 Unauthorized re-sponsoring or transferring to other groups except as may be authorized by the Company;

4.8 Giving gifts to any officer or employees of the company to receive a favor or benefit;

4.9 Altering, changing, modifying, or changing the contents, size, or composition of the products or product package;

4.10 Selling any of the products in any medium (including but not limited to social media, stores, market stands, online stores) at a price different from the one fixed by the Company, which is the SRP or below SRP (Suggested Retail Price); For those selling especially in social media, all distributors of the Company who create and promote/sell products from this medium are required to post their Membership I.D. number, and their complete name in their social media page, and for every post thereafter.


Section 1. No Misrepresentation of Business Opportunity

The Member/Distributor fully understands that the Company is NOT ENGAGED in an investment scheme. They shall not misrepresent to people that they will earn as INVESTORS just by investing their funds with the Company and earn interest without the need of doing anything other than placing their money as an investment with the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any transaction entered into by any person in violation of this Section.

Section 2. Product Refund and Return Policy

According to our brand policies, all LIPOWHITE products that are subject to return must be replaced by the manufacturer only under the two following circumstances:  

  1. The product delivered is damaged or defective.
  2. The supplier delivered the wrong product.

To ensure the validity of the complaint, all products subject to return that are subject to approval must also qualify for the following conditions:

  1. The purchaser submitted a return form via LIPOWHITE customer care email within 7 days after receiving the orders. Failure to submit such a return form within 7 days means that you are disqualified from filing the return complaint.
  2. The product subject to return is not used and maintains its saleable condition.
  3. The product subject to return maintains its original packaging and unmarked condition.

Product  Replacement

It shall also be noted that Nebulabs Corporation and its brand LIPOWHITE do not offer monetary refunds, as they are only committed to replacing the returned products. The purchasers must also understand that the company will only shoulder the shipping fee for such returned items.

Return Process 

  1. Once the products are returned by the purchaser, the supplier will notify the purchaser about the recipient of the delivery.
  2. The company’s authorized personnel will inspect and review all the returned products.
  3. Upon careful investigation, the authorized personnel will evaluate whether the return complaint is subject to approval or disapproval.
  4. Once resolved, the company will notify the complainant about the status and verdict of the investigation.
  5. If the return complaint is approved, the company will replace all the products subject to return. Meanwhile, if the return complaint is rejected, the company will not replace the product and will notify the complainant about the circumstance via email.
  6. The company is given 14 days to replace and ship all the items to its purchaser.

Section 3. Advertising and Use of Intellectual Property Rights

3.1 LIPOWHITE name, logos, trademark, and copyrights are exclusively owned by Nebulabs Corporation. The members/distributors shall not use in advertising, promoting, or describing the products or Marketing Plan of the company any written, printed, recorded, or any other material bearing the intellectual properties of the company, without the prior written consent of the company.

3.2 The members/distributors shall not make any claim or representation, verbal or otherwise, as to the products’ therapeutic or curative properties unless otherwise provided in the official literature of the products.

3.3 Creating a website with the intention of making it appear that the same is the official website of the Company is strictly prohibited.


Nebulabs Corporation and The LIPOWHITE Club reserves the right to modify, amend, or update company policies and procedures at any time, as deemed necessary. In the event of such changes, all parties involved will be notified via written email at least 5 days prior to the implementation of the revised policies. It is the responsibility of all parties to review the updated policies and adhere to them accordingly. Continued participation or engagement with Nebulabs Corporation and The LIPOWHITE Club following the receipt of the notification will constitute acceptance of the updated policies.