Weight Control Hacks

Easy Hacks to Control your Weight

By: Hannah Rania Disalongan

Keeping your body fit and healthy is one of the best forms of self-care.

Being an active foodie is never wrong. Eating daily is a form of self-care too. But have you ever realized that you have an innate responsibility to what you consume and how much you intake daily?

What you eat today will surely manifest the overall health and wellness condition that you will have in the future. As early as now, you should be thinking about what you could do to keep a healthy weight and diet habits.

To make sure that you will have a healthy and fit lifestyle this 2023, here are the three tips that you should know:

  1. Control your intake of sugar –
    Filipinos are known for being big fans of food and beverages that have high amounts of sugar. Did you know that this has a negative impact on your body?Intaking excessive amounts of sugar can lead you to unhealthy weight gain, acne, and exhaustion. When not controlled, it can also bring you possible exposure to diabetes and heart problems.The best way to prevent this is to limit your sugar by less than 10% or 10 teaspoons of the total daily calorie intake. This means that you need to reduce your consumption of desserts, sugary drinks, and any food that contains high amounts of sugar content.
  2. Add fruits and vegetables in your diet  –
    Eating veggies and fruits daily can greatly help you in achieving the best nutrition. Did you know that adding fruits and vegetables as a replacement for foods that are high in calorie content can help you lose weight?Having fruits and vegetables in your meal is the healthiest way for you to control your weight and maintain good nutrition. Starting now, you should strategize how you will prepare your meals that shall be more leafy and fruity.
  3. Exercise –
    Exercising regularly while eating properly can benefit your overall health. This practice can help you burn fat, improve your metabolism, and in maintaining weight. Walking as a form of exercise is proven to help those who are overweight and have to take control. With these given tips, you should be mindful that you can double your ways of controlling your weight while eating properly.LIPOWHITE Skinny Glow Detox Fiber Juice Drink has three flavors namely–Melona, Coffee, and Mixed Berry. Each drink has a unique taste that you surely don’t wanna miss. These three have the same benefits and powerful ingredients but possess different flavorings that can suit your everyday cravings. What’s unique about Skinny Glow is that it can help you achieve Slimming, Skin Whitening and has proven 6-8 hours of Detoxification.The product also eases constipation, bloating, and irritable bowel syndrome. Having a normal weight is something that you should prioritize as early as now. In the long run, your old self will thank you for keeping your body fit and healthy as it can help you in eliminating diseases that can give you serious headaches in the future. With these three easy steps and LIPOWHITE Skinny Glow, you will not just glow from within. But you will also experience the smartest way to control your weight while maintaining proper eating habits.


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