Frequently Asked Questions


Who shouldn’t use Lipowhite Oral Sun Defense and Lipowhite Skinny Glow?2023-06-02T09:52:43+08:00

Not applicable to children, pregnant and lactating women.

Is Lipowhite organic and vegan?2023-06-02T09:52:02+08:00

Yes, Lipowhite is 100% organic and vegan.

Do you use quality ingredients in your products?2023-06-02T09:51:31+08:00

Yes, we only use premium quality, vegan, and organic ingredients for Lipowhite Skinny Glow and Oral Sun Defense.

How long will the whitening benefits of Oral Sun Defense and Skinny Glow will take effect?2023-06-02T09:51:20+08:00

The effects will be noticed after finishing one bottle and through maintenance on continued use.

At what age is it considered safe to consume LipoWhite Products?2023-06-02T09:49:46+08:00

We highly advise users to be at least 18 years of age or older before taking Skinny Glow & Oral Sun Defense.

At what temperature should these products be stored?2023-06-02T09:50:27+08:00

It is recommended to store it in a cool, dry, and clean place.

How long will the whitening benefit of Oral Sun Defense and Skinny Glow take effect?2023-06-02T09:49:32+08:00

The effects will be noticed after finishing one bottle and through maintenance on continued use.

Skinny Glow

Is it okay for Lipowhite Skinny Glow to be taken together with other drinks?2023-05-29T12:51:28+08:00

It is not recommended for Lipowhite Skinny Glow to be taken with other brands. No individual must do so, as detoxification must only be done once a day.

How many Lipowhite Skinny Glow packets should I need to achieve the slimming results?2023-05-12T10:57:07+08:00

As a detoxification supplement, slimming is noticeable after 2-3 packets. However, this is product is not promoted as a fat burning supplement. Hence, exercising regularly is still recommended.

How many hours does it take for Lipowhite Skinny Glow to complete the gut cleanse?2023-05-29T12:43:49+08:00

It is proven to provide a gut cleanse within 6-8 hours after intake.

What is the recommended use of Lipowhite Skinny Glow?2023-05-29T12:44:22+08:00

Drink one packet daily, especially during breakfast or in-between meals.

Is Lipowhite Skinny Glow Sugar Free?2023-05-12T10:54:45+08:00

Yes, we used Stevia as a natural sweetener for our mixed berry drink.

Oral Sun Defense

How can I achieve the best results by using LipoWhite Oral Sun Defense?2023-05-29T12:49:53+08:00

It is best taken 30 minutes before sun exposure and best paired with LipoWhite Skinny Glow.

How many capsules of Lipowhite Oral Sun Defense should I take to achieve the best results?2023-05-29T12:49:34+08:00

It’s best to take 2 capsules a day to quickly achieve the best outcomes.

What is the suggested intake of Lipowhite Oral Sun Defense?2023-05-29T12:48:57+08:00

1-2 capsules a day with food.

Is it okay to go outdoors even if I take Lipowhite Oral Sun Defense?2023-05-29T12:48:32+08:00

Yes. However, it’s important to be aware that exposing yourself outdoors while taking the Lipowhite Oral Sun Defense might slow down the skin brightening progress.

Is it okay to take Lipowhite Oral Sun Defense together with other brands of Glutathione?2023-05-29T12:52:53+08:00

No studies have been made if Lipowhite Oral Sun Defense is compatible with other brands of Glutathione.

Is Lipowhite Oral Sun Defense safe for people with Acid Reflux?2023-05-29T12:47:25+08:00

Yes, it is proven to be safe, but we do not recommend it to people with a high risk of acidity as the effects may vary depending on the person.


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