Return Policy

Return Terms and Conditions

Nebulabs Corporation and its brand LIPOWHITE is fully committed to providing the best customer service to our brand partners.

According to our brand policies, all LIPOWHITE products that are subject to return must be replaced by the manufacturer only under the two following circumstances:

  1. The product delivered is damaged or defective.
  2. The supplier delivered the wrong product.

To ensure the validity of the complaint, all products subject to return that are subject to approval must also qualify for the following conditions:

  1. The purchaser submitted a return form via LIPOWHITE customer care email within 7 days after receiving the orders. Failure to submit such a return form within 7 days means that you are disqualified from filing the return complaint.
  2. The product subject to return is not used and maintains its saleable condition.
  3. The product subject to return maintains its original packaging and unmarked condition.

Product Replacement

It shall also be noted that Nebulabs Corporation and its brand LIPOWHITE do not offer monetary refunds, as they are only committed to replacing the returned products. The purchasers must also understand that the company will only shoulder the shipping fee for such returned items.

Return Process

  1. Once the products are returned by the purchaser, the supplier will notify the purchaser about the recipient of the delivery.
  2. The company’s authorized personnel will inspect and review all the returned products.
  3. Upon careful investigation, the authorized personnel will evaluate whether the return complaint is subject to approval or disapproval.
  4. Once resolved, the company will notify the complainant about the status and verdict of the investigation.
  5. If the return complaint is approved, the company will replace all the products subject to return. Meanwhile, if the return complaint is rejected, the company will not replace the product and will notify the complainant about the circumstance via email.
  6. The company is given 14 days to replace and ship all the items to its purchaser.

Return Policy

Kindly read carefully all the statements displayed regarding the return policies and answer all the questions in this form.