Application Terms & Condition

Before you submit the application you must understand and adhere on these following rules and conditions:

For Reseller and Distributor

  1. All modes of payment per transaction must be through bank transfer and e-wallet payment (E.G. Gcash). There will be no cash on
    delivery or cash on pick up transactions under our management.
  2. In case you receive the wrong orders and damaged products, the company will replace such products upon careful investigation. It shall be noted that no monetary refunds will be given.
  3. In case you receive the wrong orders and damaged products you should submit a return form (provided by the company) within 7 days upon the delivery in order to process your complaint.
  4. You are entitled to place a mark up price on the product for as long as it cannot exceed the established Suggested Retail Price (SRP).
  5. You must always observe proper decorum as you are an authorized representative of the brand. Failure to observe proper
    etiquette while selling online and offline will be reprimanded which may result in revocation of permission to sell.
  6. You are not authorized to rebrand any of the company’s products. Any product alteration is prohibited.
  7. You are entitled to use, share, and repost all the publicity materials produced by the company.
  8. You are entitled to incentives, rewards, and bonuses which they qualify for.
  9. You are entitled to sell onsite and online through e-commerce sites (Shopee and Lazada) and even in Social Media platforms of your choosing.
  10. You should create your own page.

For Resellers

  1. All Resellers residing in NCR are entitled to FREE Shipping. Meanwhile, Resellers outside Metro Manila must shoulder the shipping fee depending on their location.
  2. All Resellers may purchase the products at a wholesale price from a distributor or directly from the company by purchasing a reseller package.

For Distributors (City and Provincial)

  1. All Distributors are entitled to FREE Shipping regardless of the location.
  2. All Distributors are authorized and mandated to find their resellers.
  3. All Distributors are given within 6 days to check the quality and quantity of their purchased products.
  4. All Distributors may add shipping fee on every city distributor or reseller package being sold.
  5. All Distributors must have a strong audience and platform in which they can sell their products.

For Provincial Distributors

  1. Provincial distributors are entitled to sell city distributor packages within their selected territory only and may sell reseller packages nationwide.

For City Distributors

  1. City distributors may sell reseller packages nationwide.
  2. City distributors may go directly to the company, to the provincial distributor or be acquired by a provincial distributor to avail the