Post-meal Bloat

The Mystery of the Dreadful Post-Meal Bloat

By Adrienne Bernice Miranda

You’re eating your favorite meal – it’s scrumptious, it tastes like heaven, and it reminds you of your mom’s recipe that she only makes during your birthday. You had the most amazing time devouring this, but as soon as you stand up, your belly looks swollen. As woke as this generation is, people couldn’t help but notice it. You begin to regret enjoying the food you ate a minute ago.

This may be the hundredth blog you have read with regards to bloating, and I might be the thousandth person to tell you this but – bloating is normal, you’re human, and you are still awesome. However, it seems like bloating is still a mystery to many. That mysterious post-meal bloat, how can you resolve it?

Having post-meal bloating doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy

As Lyndi Cohen said, our stomachs naturally distend after eating to allow for digestion, even if you’ve eaten something perfectly healthy. Bloating naturally occurs when you eat regardless of the food you intake, but it’s the amount of food that you eat that makes it a problem in the long run. Even if you force yourself to eat salads all day and be extra cautious with your calories, as long as there is a need to digest something, you may experience bloating.

What we need to focus on and remember first is that we should change our mindset when it comes to bloating. We are human, and these things naturally occur. Even the fittest person in the entire world can experience bloating. Even when you exercise every day, those tummy roles won’t stop you from being beautiful. It’s a matter of putting things in the right perspective. 

But that doesn’t mean we should all let it happen and won’t take any steps to reduce it. There are times when bloating should be treated and should be taken seriously like for example, if the bloat comes with pain or any digestive issues such as diarrhea and constipation, it is better if you’d consult a doctor for that. But if it’s a mild one, walking post-meal can help ease up that bloat, as well as drinking a multi-fiber drink.

The solution to the mystery of the dreadful post-meal bloat: A mixed berry flavored juice

The Lipowhite Skinny Glow Juice is a 3-in-1 fiber supplement that is packed with natural ingredients and a delicious mixed berry flavor. It provides detoxifying, slimming, and skin brightening to give your body the healthy glow it deserves. I have always found this very beneficial as it is true to its word that it provides an instant gut cleanse within 6-8 hours! It has amazingly cured my bloating problems, and with its mixed berries flavor, I don’t have a hard time drinking them as it tastes so good, and it is also beneficial for me.

This multi-fiber drink helps me achieve the results that I have been looking for, and it has all the benefits that I love as it slims me down, and it cleanses my body which results in a bright and glow from within!


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